​Singapore Botanic Gardens Wetlands. May 18th 2018.
Campsomeris sp. A primitive species that do not build nests. They are called ground wasps.

​Holland Grove Walk, May 25th 2017.
Delta esuriens female. Potter wasp.

Delta is an Old World genus of potter wasps with species predominantly distributed through tropical Africa and Asia. They are major predators of some phytophagous insects including leaf rollers and leaf beetles (Richter, 2000).
Their efficiency as hunters is enhanced by their ability to walk on plants covered by wax bloom to extract sheltered insects.

Marsh Garden,Singapore Botanic Gardens.
March 24th 2018.
Ropalidia sumatrae.

Spotted on my dining table one late afternoon, Holland Grove Walk, Singapore.
July 19th, 2017.

Trypoxylon is a genus of wasps in the family Crabronidae. The 634 species in this most speciose genus are found worldwide.-Wikipedia.

Kent Ridge Park. March 14th 2018.
Yellow Jacket Wasp.

Holland Grove area, May 18th 2018.
Potter Wasp. Rhynchium haemorrhoidale.

Holland Grove Walk. August 28th 2017.

Commonly known as cuckoo wasps or emerald wasps, the hymenopteran family Chrysididae is a very large cosmopolitan group (over 3000 described species) of parasitoid or kleptoparasitic wasps. The term “cuckoo wasp” refers to the cuckoo-like way in which wasps in the family lay eggs in the nests of unrelated host species. Spotted at my house late morning.

Holland Grove Walk. October 16th 2017.

Tachytes. Green-eyed wasps. They have been called the green-eyed wasps even though not every species has this. Males particularly have large eyes in order to detect a passing female or a rival.

Holland Grove Walk. October 14th 2017.

Potter wasps, the Eumeninae, are a cosmopolitan wasp group presently treated as a subfamily of Vespidae, but sometimes recognized in the past as a separate family, Eumenidae. Wikipedia

Holland Grove Walk. October 25th 2017.

Scoliidae (Male). Members of Scoliidae are also known as ground wasps. Campsomeris species are some of the most common.