Above shows the selection of 10 pictures from my collection which were on exhibition. A short description of each picture is given.  

Our Beautiful World, Our Beautiful Creatures is a photo exhibition organised by the Green Movement Ministry of St Ignatius Church. The exhibition is to celebrate God’s creation and to reach out and share with parishioners, families and friends the message of “loving our world”. Four photographers from the parish of St. Ignatius were approached and invited to participate by exhibiting 10 of their personal collection of pictures on nature. The exhibition, officially launched on May 4th, will stay open till June 10th. 2019. The photos were printed on 16 x 24 inches aluminium plates and were largely in landscape format. There were a few in portrait and panoramic formats and the final collection of 31 pictures arranged in a montage on the wall at the Place of gathering.

The above poster advertised the Exhibition and was followed by a second poster which explained the work of the Green Movement Ministry. A third and a fourth poster follows, giving a summary of the the photographers and their exhibits. See below. Fr Colin mentioned at the start of his speech that, “We hope that this exhibition will open our eyes, to truly see  and embrace all that God has created and to take a moment to deeply appreciate this world that we live in”. 

The montage of pictures at the Place of Gathering, St Ignatius Church. The pictures were so light that each could be “hung” using velcro which could be peeled off without any damage to the wall, after the exhibition.

At the official launching of the Exhibition, Parish Priest Rev Fr Colin Tan SJ gave a short speech and a blessing. Watch video clip below.

All four photographers were present at the launching and blessing of the exhibition, with some family and friends. The launching commenced at 5.30 pm ie. half and hour before the Saturday 6 pm evening mass. Parishioners and other visitors who want to acquire a picture or two could donate a love offering for the 16″ x 24″ print on aluminium. The advantage of using aluminium is that the picture appears sharper and brighter besides being very light. The print on aluminium can last a life-time and will not fade even when exposed to the elements.

 Above:  At the launch of the Exhibition, the photographers, left to right: John Lim, Andrew Tan,  with Rev Fr Colin SJ ( Parish Priest)  at the center, Yap Lip Kee and Adrian Huang.

On the right: A short video clip taken during Rev Fr. Colin’s short speech at the launch. Fr Colin explained that the exhibition is part of the parish initiatives in response to Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si ( 2015 Encyclical on Care for the Common Home). The aim is to create  awareness of how man’s actions cause damage to Mother Earth and to initiate change for humanity, for the common good, and work towards a sustainable future.

Our Beautiful World, Our Beautiful Creatures Exhibition.  May 4th to June 10th 2019, at the Place of Gathering , Church of St Ignatius, 120, King’s Road. Singapore.