The Yellow-barred Flutterer. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Dragonfly Pond. Singapore.

One dragonfly that I find exciting to photograph is the Rhyothemis, a genus of dragonfly commonly known as the Flutterers in the family Libellulidae. Rhyothemis phyllis known as the Yellow-striped flutterer or Yellow-barred flutterer is a small to medium-sized dragonfly, commonly found at open ponds or marshes, and swamp forests. The flight of the Rhyothemis is usually fluttering. In Singapore there are not many species of this dragonfly, and both this and the Saphphire Flutterer ( Rhyothemis trangularis) are about the most commonly seen. The Bronze Flutterer though uncommon here, is found in  the Central Catchment, at Botanic Gardens and Bukit Batok, Singapore. But I have yet to see one. The Small Bronze Flutterer is extinct here but may be rarely found in a few places in Malaysia.

Picture taken at the Dragonfly pond at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. The Yellow-barred flutterer at different angles. Hindwings have a distinct pattern of yellow, dark brown and deep metallic blue. Males and females are very similar.

 Yellow-barred Flutterer. Picture taken from the side, against the sun illuminating the yellow markings of the hindwings, making them glow like they were gold!

Clearly seen here, the distinct barred pattern of yellow black and blue on the hind wings. Picture taken at the Dragonfly pond at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

The male Sapphire Flutterer, Rhyothemis triangularis.

The Sapphire Flutterer, (Rhyothemis triangularis). This is an uncommon dragonfly inhabiting sluggish streams and ponds. This is a male, judging from the bright blue markings on the wing bases. Sometimes called the Triangular Flutterer. Shot in full sunlight at a Nature Park in Singapore.

The female Sapphire Flutterer, Rhyothemis triangularis.

This was shot in full bright sunlight, the dragonfly gleaming away in the light. I waited a long time to photograph the top of the wings bases.  The eyes are reddish brown on top and dark brown below. The thorax and abdomen are dark metallic blue. The wing bases have broad and distinctive deep purplish blue patches which on the male are brighter purplish-blue, and those on the female are darker in colour.

”The dragonfly spiritually embodies the stripping away of negativity that holds us back, helping us to achieve our dreams and goals. Dragonflies are the keepers of dreams, the energy within that sees all of our true potential and ability. Dragonflies inspire spirituality and creativity, they help us on the path of discovery and enlightenment. They remind us that anything is possible.” – Beauty and the Green.