Sunset at the dining pavilion at the Amankila in Bali on Oct 2014.

Each time I see a beautiful sunset

I feel the presence of my Creator.

It’s the same with all sunrises,

makes me wonder about the Maker.


Though these moments are but fleeting,

that time between light and darkness;

it’s my time for a quiet meeting;

between my soul and my beloved Maker.


Life is short and it’s a journey,

That each one of us must take.

but this does not deter me,

from communicating with my Maker.


Sunrises come and sunsets go,

each day to last whatever;

But this I surely know

That my soul will last forever.


So take each day within your stride,

Make your mark before you go;

Do all things with love and pride,

And be rewarded by your Maker.

Sunrise over the three-tierd infinity swimming pools at the Amankila, Bali October 2014.