This is the Fifth and latest of my Picture Poster books entitled “The Word”, published generally for christian readership as it contains quotations only from the bible. My hope is that through a deeper inspection of the pictures and quotations, the reader may have many hours of quiet time with the Word of God, so that one’s life may become more purposeful, meaningful and more loving.  I managed to have this published a couple of days before we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary in April 2019.

These are the first two pages of the book, ” The Word” showing some pictures taken during our travels. The picture was taken at St. James Cathedral, in Santiago de Compostela. The quote exhorts us to be:  ” Be shepherds of the church of God, which He bought with His own blood.” – Acts 20:28

This picture was taken at night before we had dinner at The Amanjiwo Resort in Bali. The quote reassures us that God will lead and guide us in ways we do not know.

This is another page from “The Word” showing from the left : The Scaly-breasted Munia and The Common Scarlet dragonfly. On the right page is a picture of the moon taken from my driveway, some nights before a full moon. Pictures of the moon depend upon the sky conditions and obviously, a clear cloudless night sky gives better results.

My First Picture Poster book comprises bird pictures mostly captured in and around my garden. I added quotations to enhance the appreciation of the images. There are 40 pages.

This is the Second book with 100 pages containing pictures of flowers and with quotations. The increased number of pages added greatly to the cost of production!

The Third 40 page book contains pictures of bees and other insects which I photographed since the year 2014. All the pictures shown were captured in my home and in retrospect, I am amazed at the large variety of bugs seen just in one location over time.

My Fourth book has pictures of dragonflies and damselflies. I’ve also added a few pictures of butterflies at the end of this 40 page book. The emphasis is to try to capture these beauties in an artistically appealling way.

To date there are five Picture Poster Books available. I imagine that in time, there will be more pictures taken and more books will, hopefully appear! It is certainly a challenge to be worked on. Our society needs more photographers to show to the world what most people are lacking to see. Others may see but do not fully appreciate what they are looking at! I love this quotation:

The universe unfolds in God, who fills it completely. Hence, there is a mystical meaning to be found in a leaf, in a mountain trail, in a dewdrop, in a poor person’s face.” The ideal is not only to pass from the exterior to the interior to discover the action of God in the soul, but also to discover God in all things.”

Chapter 233 of the Encyclical Laudato Si by the Holy Father Pope Francis


Front and Back Cover of "Wild Flowers Outside My House" | Dr Doughlittle


At the start of February 2020, I took a short walk around my housing estate, looking out for wild flowers growing along the footpaths. In less than 30 mins. I spotted and photographed 10 varieties! Most are so tiny that you’d have to look hard to see them blooming at ground level. This gave me an idea for my 6th book entitled,  “Wild Flowers Outside My House”. By the end of 6 weks I completed a 40 page Photobook featuring 28 species of wild flowers around my house.