Macro photography is photography magnified. It is generally recognised as “macro” when you are increasing the size of an object in your picture from about half life-size, as represented on the image sensor, to five times life-size. Picture of ants feasting on a drop.  Taken along my drive-way fence.

I was experimenting with my marco shots on the Scarlet passionflower (Passiflora coccinea) when I noticed these two very tiny ants, almost invisible to the naked eyes below the anthers.

Shot at Borobudur, where the hotel had lots of water lillies. It seemed like forever waiting in the blazing sun for the ‘right’ shot! On the brighter side, it’s one way of getting some Vitamin D!

From the Island of Langkawi in Malaysia. Yellow flowers growing along the fence at a Resort. Took several macro shots of the beautiful yellow flower, and had this tiny bee appearing in one of the frames.

Picture taken outside Sam’s Chowder House after a lunch there. The restaurant is at Half Moon Bay, North Cabrillo Highway, California, USA.

Photographing insects and other small creatures can be a lot of fun, and you need venture only as far as your backyard to find a whole new world in close-up or macro photography. This Garden black ant was on my fencing. With its emphasis on detail, pattern, and texture, macro photography can yield rewarding and unique results. ​