This is an easy bread to bake and will take about 2 hours of your time. It has a glorious fennel aroma, fantastic crust and and a soft chewy crumb  with the nutty flavours of Almonds, Sunflowers and Linseeds (LSA).

​50g Semolina flour
350g KA Unbleached bread flour
100g Sourdough starter
250 g water
2 tsp organic coconut sugar syrup

1/2 tsp dried yeast
1/2 stop sea salt
3 tbs LSA mixture
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp grounded fennel
30g melted butter

Mix about 150g of the 250g water with the semolina and bread flour in a bowl and stand for 20 mins to autolysis.
Meanwhile with the rest of the water ( about 100g left), add in the 100g sourdough dough starter, 1 1/2 tsp dried yeast, the coconut sugar. Left this stand till very bubbly.

At the end of 20 mins, pour the bubbly mixture into the flour mixture and mix with the stand mixer for about 10 mins. During this time, add the melted butter, salt and fennel powder and seeds. Towards the end add in the LSA mixture

Transfer to a matt and fold and shape into a boule and proof in a greased bowl for 20 mins. After this time fold the dough again, and proof another 20 mins. At the third 20 mins, fold and shape into a boule and place this on a baking sheet. Final proofing for another 20mins before scoring and placing the dough on the hot baking stone at 235˚C. Bake for 25 mins till internal temp is around 94˚C. 

If you think in terms of 20 mins, intervals, it’s really simple. Autolysis 20 mins. Proof three of 20 mins intervals doing the final shaping at the third 20 mins. Final proof for 20 mins and bake for about 20 mins.

“Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbour is a spiritual one.”

– Nikoli Berdyaev 


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