In the middle of June 2019, the staff from Cana of The Catholic Center at Waterloo Street, approached me and asked if I could give a talk and exhibition of some of my pictures. I took this as an opportunity to raise funds for the Pregnancy Crisis Support and Family Life Society, both of which I have been associated from their very beginnings.
After several postponements , the exhibition was set for the opening night to be held on November 26th 2019, to be followed by four days of public viewing from November 27th to 30th . The Pictures were mounted on display panels borrowed from the Church of St. Mary of the Angels and a few had to be mounted on easels.
Above and below are the final selections of Picture Posters from my collection. The pictures were printed into 1mm thick aluminium plates measuring 16 x 24 inches.
Metal prints are made by a process called dye sublimation. Unlike the traditional method of printing directly on the surface, which may damage easily, dye sublimation infuses the image directly into the hard coating to provide lasting durability and protection.
The image is first printed on paper transfer media on a printer with specialised sublimation inks ( UV fine art inks) made for the metal print process. The print will look like a flat coloured mirrored copy of the original image.
This sheet is then taped on to blank aluminium metal photo panel which is then placed in a heat press. The heat ( 180℃ for 16 x 24 inch plate) and pressure causes the sublimation inks to transform into a gas which is then absorbed through the pores of the polymer coating of the metal and into the base coating. As the metal cools, the pores close and the metal surface stabilises.

Additional Benefits
Other than the obvious image quality, metal prints offer additional benefits.
Metal prints offer great value. Since metal photo prints don’t need to be framed, you can save big on framing costs which are often much more than the price of the print itself. When ordered with a wall mount for a nominal fee ($5 to $10), you can have wall decor ready to hang at a fraction of the cost of a custom framed traditional photo print.
Durability and archivability of metal prints are excellent. The surface coating is very tough and scratch resistant. It doesn’t require any glass to cover it. Also, they are incredibly fade resistant.

I also took this opportunity to display and sell the five different Picture Poster books I previously published with the proceeds going to the same charity. In spite of the limited publicity we gave to the exhibition, we managed to sell fifteen Picture Posters and seventy five on the books at the end of the exhibition.
Above is the Invitation flyer that was sent by email and WhatsApp to selected friends and people, for the opening night to launch the Exhibition. About 50 persons attended and had sips of wine and finger food, while listening to a talk by me on Creation- through his lens.