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Baking artisan breads, photography, travel and life experiences of a Singapore-based doctor.

My wife and I like traveling, and one of the reasons why I have been to many countries and cities, is because I worked as an emergency medical escort and rescue doctor for four years at one time besides managing my own medical practice for about thirty years.

I like the sand, sun, and sea; quiet retreats, good food and good photographic opportunities. Being with Mother Nature, at the beach or sitting deep in a forest, connects me spiritually with the Almighty Creator. 

Having retired, we are now looking forward to many more traveling destinations.

I am currently passionate over photography and baking artisan breads, and have been very much occupied in these activities.

Over the years, I have been blessed with many opportunities, good friends and fortune.

I also have a love of sharing what I learn with others, because in doing so, it keeps me learning. This blog, particularly the photographic section, serves this purpose, and hopefully, one would come closer to the Creator through the knowledge of His works! 

I very often consult TripAdvisor (TA) for information on our travel destinations and benefited from this. As such, I strongly felt that I also ought to contribute to TA with useful information that other travellers might wish to have. Read my reviews below.

Recently I have been uploading my bees, wasps, flies and pictures of other bugs onto a specialist website called ViewBug. If you are interested in these tiny miracles, visit my ViewBug portfolio below.

My history

Several years ago, while watching me bake cheddar cheese bread at home, my second sister (now deceased, God rest her soul), remarked, “You always do well in whatever hobbies you take up!”

Call it a passion, an obsession, or just being a ‘perfectionist’, this comment is quite valid.

I’ve gone from passionately reading books; collecting butterflies and stamps; growing orchids, cacti and African Violets; playing the ukulele and guitar; wine making; pond fishing to rearing marine fish.

From producing Super 8mm sound films collecting vintage cars; to church and pro-life activities; to baking bread; bottle cutting; writing TripAdvisor reviews; and to Nature photography.

I have a love for Nature. My first choice for a University course after high school was to do Agriculture, but I became a medical physician instead as my father wished it. Looking back, there are no regrets!

HOW it all started

This Blog is the brainchild of my daughter Lynette, who with her friends, suggested that I write one, and take this sharing of information to social media.

I hope the many hours I spent on work and research may benefit others who are like-minded or just curious.

My wish is that people who read my blog will find the material informational, instructive, and inspiring.

Dr. Doughlittle’s Blog was, therefore, conceived in April  2016, had a two month gestation in May and June, and was born on 3rd July 2016.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Father James Keller: 1900-1977, Roman Catholic priest

Latest posts

I am still very new to blog writing. Navigating my own blog page is a learning curve for me, especially at my age! I hope you enjoy reading these posts.



Lovely oven rise, crackling crust with cracks after cooling.This is a new Experimental Bread for me! I sowed and grew some Dill compacta from seeds and now it’s harvest time! So I thought I'd bake a bread containing dill. The night before, I made a polish with 150gm...