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This blog reflects my main passions for photography, baking artisan breads and writing travel reviews.

I have a love of sharing with others what I learn, because in doing so, it keeps me learning, I hope that the many hours I laboured at work and in research on the various topics in this blog may benefit others who are similarly like-minded or just curious.



This blog is all about baking artisanal bread for our daily consumption. I avoid buying commercially made breads which I explain in one of my posts.


Photography, in particular, Nature photography and macro-photography is a passion of mine. This is a small selection of my pictures taken recently, with some information on the subjects, pointers and tips. 


Having benefited from TripAdvisor (TA) I felt the need to contribute back with useful information. Since April 2010,  I have been writing reviews in TA and am now TA’s 6th most helpful reviewer in Singapore. 

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It is my desire that the people who read my blog will find the material informational, instructive, and inspiring.  May God Bless you all and enjoy reading!